1. Increased public education in transmission prevention which includes funding for the purchase and distribution of condoms, gloves, dams, and needles & syringes.
2. Increased funding for age appropriate comprehensive sex education that includes use of barriers for prevention of fluid/blood transmission. We support students having easy access to condoms, gloves, and dams in schools.
3. Increased funding for research focusing on a cure in addition to chronic disease management.
4. Creation of a repository for the latest peer reviewed theories, studies, and findings, and to facilitate sharing among research laboratories, schools and universities, medical centers, and public health facilities that would be accessible for common good rather than kept proprietary for profit.
5. Funding for methods of peer education for sex workers and addicts, and to supply them with condoms, dams, gloves, and needles.
6. Educating incarcerated individuals in HIV transmission prevention and supplying them with condoms, dams, gloves, needles & syringes. Additionally, remove barriers to access of medicines for incarcerated individuals with HIV/AIDS, & Hepatitis C.
7. Increased funding for educating the public about addiction and funding for treatment facilities for addicts, and for transitional housing to help with society re-entry.
8. Education and funding for addiction harm reduction practices, including available needle exchange programs, for those addicts who cannot recover or who do not want to get into treatment.
9. Increased funding for treatment and housing for indigent people with HIV/AIDS, including creating daily HIV medication distribution centers for those indigent people who are unable to manage taking the daily medication regimen on their own.
10. Increased funding for free, anonymous testing of people for the presence of HIV/AIDS. No mandated testing.
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