Koinbazar is an Indian based centralized P2P crypto exchange platform. The crucial features of this platform are simple, user-friendly, ultra-secure transactions, spot trading, direct fiat (INR) payments, multi-crypto pairs, and high liquidity. Our team of well-experienced blockchain developers with more than ten years of experience has developed this platform for Indian users to trade their digital assets at a safer and much faster.

With the strict legal regulations and KYC protocols,LIST YOUR CRYPTO COIN / TOKEN ON KOINBAZAR – A DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE MARKETPLACE Articles Koinbazar offers a butter-smooth trading experience for the users. The license obtaining process for other focussed countries like Estonia, Poland, South Korea, and Malta is under review. Why Koinbazar? Most of the Indian users have faced a lot while in deposit with the INR currencies but here, Indian traders can deposit with INR currencies for buying a bitcoin as well as other crypto-assets, and also the trading is easy, efficient, and time-consuming is low. Peoples who are beginners in this cryptocurrency world will be facing difficulties in the trading process and cyber vulnerabilities. But, the koinbazar eliminates both the complexities. How can I get listed my crypto/token on Cryptocurrency Exchange? Considering the significance of listing for any crypto/tokens, it is vital for cryptocurrencies to know the way for listing in the cryptocurrency exchange. This process includes the following steps. 1. The first step is to communicate with your preferred cryptocurrency exchange regarding the listing of crypto/token on the exchange platform. And also it is very important to check-out the parameter of the exchange and its functionalities. The key elements to consider are mentioned below,

Whether the exchange platform works in the targeted countries where you need to distribute your cryptocurrency?
Does the cryptocurrency exchange allow you to make a change from fiat currencies to cryptocurrency or only with cryptocurrencies?
Whether the exchange platform is centralized or decentralized?
Whether the listing fees charged by the exchange platform or not? And
Know the technical information about the token and its platform.

2. In the second step, interacting with the professional team on the exchange regarding the list of things required for the listing process. Basically, Koinbazar has a good team of legal experts who have experience in the legal evaluation of the token compatibility with the existing framework. 3. The third step involves the filling up of the application form along with its required documents and listing fee. gas ertrag After the filling process gets complete, the team will follow up on the progress of the application process. 4. In the final step, if the application is accepted it involves the integration of token in the exchange and arranging the payment process for the new token issuance. What are the documents required for listing crypto/tokens on Koinbazar? The documents needed for listing crypto on the cryptocurrency exchange may vary depends on the exchange and the token which seeks to be listed. The below-mentioned basic documents are required in the listing process.

Details about the token issuer and the entire team
Token’s technical background and the platform used
Token utility
Whitepaper and ICO process
Information regarding regulatory action

Do you want to list your crypto/token on Koinbazar? visit this link, and fill-up the required details. Once the application is reviewed, our team will reach you soon. Costs and time required for the listing of a crypto/token on Koinbazar: The costs for the listing of crypto/token might vary depends on the crypto exchange platform and the status of the token. The process of token listing takes around 7 days. So, start listing your digital assets with Koinbazar and gain your token sales more by today.